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Flooded Basement?

Introducing the most
waterproof flooring for your basement

Are you tired of dealing with a damp and musty basement? Or are you ready to do some thing with your unfinished basement? Are you looking for a solution that is not only effective but also long-lasting? Look no further than polyaspartic coating for your basement floors. We take your basements to the Next Level.


Polyaspartic is a high-performance, versatile, and durable coating that can transform your basement into a clean, attractive, and functional space. Here are a few reasons why you should consider polyaspartic coating for your basement:


1. Waterproofing: One of the primary benefits of polyaspartic coating is its exceptional waterproofing properties. It creates a seamless and impermeable barrier on your basement floor, preventing any water or moisture from seeping through. This feature is especially crucial in areas prone to flooding or high humidity, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and your basement stays dry.


2. Durability: Polyaspartic coating is renowned for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, impact, and abrasion, making it ideal for basements that see a lot of activity. Whether you use your basement as a storage space, a play area, or a home gym, polyaspartic coating will keep your floors looking pristine for years to come.


3. Quick Installation: Unlike other floor coatings, polyaspartic can be applied rapidly. It cures quickly, allowing for a faster installation process. This means minimal disruption to your daily routine and a shorter wait time to enjoy your newly coated basement.


4. Low Maintenance: Polyaspartic coating requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort. It is resistant to stains, chemicals, and UV damage, making it easy to clean and maintain. A simple sweep or mop is usually sufficient to keep your basement floor looking fresh and inviting.


5. Aesthetics: Polyaspartic coating comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to customize the look of your basement. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern appearance or a more traditional and warm ambiance, polyaspartic can help you achieve the desired aesthetic.


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